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Pulmonary Involvement With Scleroderma (part 2 of 2)

What Are The Symptoms Of Scleroderma Lung Disease?

If you show the early symptoms of scleroderma which can be found on the skin coupled by shortness of breath especially during exercise and dry cough without mucus, then it is very likely that your lungs are affected by scleroderma. In order for you to be assured, you can see a doctor to get diagnosed. The doctor then will conduct a blood test to see how your antibodies are doing.

Since scleroderma is an autoimmune disease, it happens when your antibodies are attacking your own tissues. The doctors will be able to know this through a blood test of which they could see if that is so. For lung involvement, you would undergo a physical exam, chest x-ray and a lung function test to see how capable your lungs are of doing its purpose.

How Do You Treat Scleroderma In Lungs?

As of now, there is also no known drug that can stop scleroderma from developing in the lungs. The medical approaches taken to relieve a patient from the symptoms that he or she would have is more of a rehabilitative approach rather than an attempt to entirely remove the illness. In doing this, the doctor would give therapies to a patient to relieve him or her from shortness of breath.

Numerous medications have failed and some experts have concluded that none of those that are available would work. Because of that, they would recommend constant rehabilitation of the lungs although significant improvement in lung function is unlikely to happen here. Since the causes and medications of scleroderma are unknown to the medical world, there is much to be explored and to be found out in it.

Pulmonary Involvement With Scleroderma (part 1 of 2)

What Is Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is quite rare, only affecting 14 out of every 1million persons worldwide. Most commonly, scleroderma affects women more than men and those who are between ages 35 and 54. Symptoms of scleroderma vary depending on what part of the body it is affecting. The most common symptom however is the development of scar tissue on the skin coupled with sensitivity and pain.

A more severe form of scleroderma is known as systemic sclerosis which is shown by the development of scar tissue on the skin as well as involvement with other parts of the body such as the joints, muscle, digestive organs, heart, kidneys and lungs. Lung involvement with scleroderma is one of the most common cases with 70% of all cases having such. It follows the symptoms shown by the skin which would account for 95% of all cases.

What Are The Causes Of Scleroderma Lung Disease?

As of today, there are no known causes of any form of scleroderma although a lot of medical experts have theories on the causes. Some would say that is very much genetic, thus if a person would develop scleroderma, his relatives are also at greater risk of having it. Some would also say that it is environmental and are caused by different substances in the environment.

Another theory would say that the left-over fetal cells after pregnancy that are still circulating in the mother’s bloodstream even after decades after pregnancy has a role in causing the illness, considering the common category of people who develop scleroderma which are women in between the ages 35 and 54. Although these theories could be reliable, it is not backed up by solid scientific proof.

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Mood Swings in Children (part 2 of 2)

Lack of Exercise
Physical health will always affect other aspects of your health – psychological, emotional, and mental. Lack of exercise will weaken your child’s body and consequently, it could have a negative impact on your child’s psychological, emotional, and mental health. All these could result into rapid and frequent mood swings.

Tips for Preventing Mood Swings in Children
Upon determining the cause of your child’s mood swings, ask for professional help to determine the ideal treatment in his situation. Be especially understanding of your child’s condition, too; if your child feels happy and secure, he’ll be less prone to have mood swings.

Know His Interests and Passions
They may be young, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have an inkling of what they’d really love to do in life. You can help them determine what their interests and passions are by introducing them to new and different hobbies.

If they’re not interested in sports then perhaps your children are more interested in music or the various styles of art? Encourage your child to indulge in his passion. When your child’s having fun, he won’t have enough time to even think of mood swings.

Know Why He’s Unhappy
Of course, there could be something that you don’t know and is causing your child’s mood swings. The reason might not even be medical in nature. Talk to your child. Encourage him to confide in you and assure him of your understanding. If necessary, let him know that you’ll keep everything he says confidential. What’s important is that he’s secure in loving and trusting you.

Promise your child that you’ll help him with his problem and he won’t have any reason to experience mood swings.

Mood Swings in Children (part 1 of 2)

Mood swings are not especially common in children but they do occur. Depending on the cause, mood swings in children may give you a reason to worry. In any case, parents should seek professional help as well as doing what they can to reduce its frequency.

Possible Causes for Mood Swings in Children
Know why your child is suffering from mood swings and you’ll be in a better position to prevent them.

The Right Diet
Mood swings in children have various causes but in many cases, you can put the blame on something as simple as the wrong diet. Since children are still in the process of growing up, they need a lot of nutrition and energy. The wrong foods could make their bodies react negatively and since children don’t have yet the knowledge and maturity to understand the cause of these changes, their lack of comprehension could make them more prone to experiencing mood swings.

For the right diet, try serving your kids with a power breakfast abundant in healthy carbohydrates and lots of fiber. Train them to eat lots of greens and fruits, too.

Hereditary Factors
Children look like you because you’re his parent and he’s inherited his looks from you. Physical characteristics, however, are not the only ones they can inherit from you. If your family has a history of mood disorders like bipolar depression or anxiety, your child may have inherited it, too.

Poor Sleeping Habits
What time does your child go to bed? What time does he wake up? Does he get enough sleep in any case? Is he sleeping in an appropriate environment? Children need quality sleep much more than adults and when he doesn’t get the required hours of sleep each night, he’ll become more irritable and yes, more prone to mood swings as well.

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Merchant Account Guide (part 2 of 2)

3. The kind of processing solutions are available. This is also another major consideration in merchant account transactions because it can define the options for the client as early as possible. The most common kinds of processing available include the "real-time internet processing," the "retail swipe terminal," and the "computer-based processing."

To choose which one is best for you, you can check out the "Solutions Guide" available in most merchant account sites so you can have a detailed list of information depending on the type of solution available. Aside from giving you early options, you can also have an idea which solution will work best on the nature or type of business that you have.

4. The list of credit cards that can be accepted. In the world of merchant accounts, the list of credit cards that can be accepted will mainly depend on the merchant account provider. Usually, the most common ones that are processed and accepted include the "Visa", the "MasterCard," the "American Express" and the "Discover accounts". Others also use the "Diner's Club" as well as the "JCB" merchant but not all people opt for it.

5. The length of time that will take for an account to set up and to be processed. In terms of merchant account, more and more providers are requiring people to run either a week sometimes even lesser. Although there are those that usually take longer span of time due to more complicated processes but it should not take more than one month.

Merchant Account Guide (part 1 of 2)

If you are one of those that are planning to enter the business, there are some things that you need to know to avoid committing mistakes that would cost your business investment. Let this considerations serve as your guide to merchant accounts and choosing a merchant account provider.

1. To lease, to rent or to purchase. This is one of the factors that greatly affect merchant account providers. Experts say that one of the least options in this case is to lease because you will be forced to pay more than what you should have. Unlike if you purchase it, you will be paying just enough for the processing solution and all other stuff that needs to be dealt with. Renting can also be an option usually on a month-to-month basis.

This can be a good option because when you find that the terms are no longer working for you and you have found another set of terms that will suit your needs better, you can always cancel it any time you like. This is also ideal for those that don’t have enough money to purchase a merchant account because it can offer you initial solution options right away.

When placed in this situation, always consider your needs, the time element to answer to these needs, how will the terms work for you and weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you finally decide.

2. To use another person's merchant account in doing any transaction. This is definitely  "no-no" when it comes to merchant account providers because doing this is considered as an illegal practice called "factoring" or "credit card laundering". Merchant account providers that allow somebody to use another person's merchant account in dealing with any transaction should be reported to authorities immediately so they won't to lead people to commit mistakes that can lead to more complicated financial troubles.

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Supplies For Knitting (part 2 of 2)

Knitting gauges used for measuring knitting needle size are fast becoming popular in the world of knitting supplies. They comprise holes of different sizes wherein the knitter can insert his/her knitting needle and determine its size. Knitting gauges come in the size range of 3-5 inches. An ally of knitting needles, knitting storages are available in several varieties. Straight needles can be stored in attractive cases. Circular needles can be hung on decorative hangers.

Several knitting supplies aren’t used directly in the process of knitting, nevertheless are important. Stitch markers available in assorted colors are used for marking/highlighting stitches. Wool combs having plastic handles remove fuzz and pilling from woolen garments. Textile shears, also called knitting scissors are useful in cutting multiple layers of thick fabric. Needle-point protectors are rubber caps that prevent stitches from coming off the needles.

T-pins are used for blocking knitted garments. Having an approximate length of 12 cm, stitch holders protect against the loss of stitches. Linen testers and magnifying glasses can be used in a number of textile related activities. They can be used for analyzing both, raw yarn and the finished product. Buttons and clasps in materials like wood, mirrors, ceramic etc. are used for decorating knitted products.

The other knitting supplies include books, software, gift kits and other material pertaining to knitting-related activities. Books on knitting written by professionals and industry experts provide the perfect guidance. Several websites on knitting provide tips, news, techniques and step-by-step methods. One can choose from a wide variety of knitting software available on-line and through other sources.

Knitting gift kits comprise all the important knitting tools along with step by step illustrations which facilitate knitting. They make for the most cute and innovative gifts.

The world of knitting supplies is large, growing by the day and is spreading smiles across the faces of all knitting enthusiasts.

Supplies For Knitting (part 1 of 2)

Knitting is a popular activity the world over. But like the olden days, this activity is no more confined to a needle and a yarn. The world of knitting supplies is vibrant and expansive. One can choose from a vast variety of knitting supplies.

Needles, yarn, buttons and clasps, stitch markers, knitting needle gauge, snippet thread, textile shears, needle storages, knitting machines, knitting software, magnifying glasses, stitch holders, knitting kits, knitting books etc. are few entities on the huge list of knitting supplies. They lend a whole new meaning to the process of knitting.

The quality of the finished product in the process of knitting is determined largely by the quality of the knitting yarn. Yarns come in a huge variety. Knitting yarns are generally composed of materials like natural alpaca, durable acrylic, bamboo, cotton, corn, nylon, polyester, cashmere, merino wool, rayon and others.

Different types of yarns are used for different purposes. For example, a special type of soft yarn is used for making knit-wear for babies, while bulky weight yarn is used for making yarn accessories.

Knitting needles are considered among the most important knitting supplies. These come in several types and sizes. The most commonly used knitting needle is a straight needle with a capped knob at one end and a taper at the other. The other types of knitting needles include circular needles, double-pointed needles etc. Many manufacturers supply multi-colored needles. One can also avail to hundred of options of needle kit sets.

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Landscape Architects (part 2 of 2)

Landscape architects can either work for private firms or self employed. 19% of the landscape architects are self employed. Others would work for many types of organizations. For example they may work for a real estate developing firm or they may work for municipalities to construct an airport.

They require creating a detailed plan and design that includes vegetation, new topography, walkways and other features like fountains, flowering beds and so on. They design college, shopping centers, homes, parks, playgrounds, golf grounds and so on so that they look not only beautiful but also compatible with the environment.

Landscape architects analyze the natural system in the surroundings and then consider the design for the given project. The natural elements like climate, soil, drainage, vegetation, sunlight etc would be considered initially by them so that they can accomplish the dream of the clients. Their plans need to have the ability of acquiring changes and they must be technically feasible.

Since they require making changes in the design before starting the project, most of the landscape architects use video simulation. They also use Computer aided design in order to make innovative designs and plans. Therefore the landscape architects need to have technical knowledge also. In order to prepare design plans for large scale projects, they use geographic information systems technology which is a computer mapping system.

The landscape architects need to spend most of their working time in office creating designs, preparing models, researching some innovative ideas and so on. They work in the site for the rest of their time. They need to visit the site now and then in order to analyze and verify the work.

They also need to meet the clients and understand their requirements clearly. Hence landscape architects need to have excellent communication skill. Most of them get excellent compensation for their services.

Landscape Architects (part 1 of 2)

Are involved in planning and designing of landscapes. Landscape architecture was not recognized as a distinct profession until the early 20th century. However it is recognized as a unique profession in most of the developed nations. The landscape architectures need to complete the bachelor degree in landscape architecture and register themselves with the Board of Landscape architecture in their respective state.

Landscape architectures develop innovative design plans for different work setting like hospitals, colleges, parks, public places, and recreations, commercial and residential properties. They promote methods and techniques to safeguard the surroundings and they involve in creating environmental awareness among people. Their services include restoration, renovation, maintenance and management of historical or cultural landscapes.

Landscape architects provide design planning for improving the landscapes. They provide plans that combine both functionality and beauty. They grant services in several areas like rural, urban and suburban areas. They provide services for the infrastructure and maintenance of Government projects like roads, dams and so on.

The work of landscape architect includes inspecting the sites and helps the clients select the flora and fauna that can grow well in their land after analyzing the climate, soil, terrain and region. They also help in maintaining lawn area in the client’s property. They also suggest suitable methods of irrigation system for the client. They recommend ways to preserve natural resources and help in planning and designing environmentally sustainable landscapes. They also provide draught tolerant landscape design to the client.

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Knowing The Pros And Cons Of Living Wills (part 2 of 2)
The situation may be a bit different if you have previously drafted your own living will. The indecisiveness in the air during family visits may be assuaged due to the fact that you have already summarized your wishes concerning life support and other health care measures.

In addition, it is never too early to make a living will. For as long as you have reached a legal age and have established the mental capacity to draw out one, then you can go ahead and specify your wishes for the health care provider to follow. Always remember the inevitability and unpredictability of life. It is definitely better to be geared up than to endure the consequences.

Cons Of Living Wills

The cons of living wills involve a certain number of limitations and conflicts. For instance, the vague use of terms may often lead to differing interpretations. You may perceive the directive of "no heroic measures" to encompass artificial nutrition, while a doctor may not view the phrase in that same light.

In addition, living wills only become active when a person is diagnosed of a terminal illness, or when he or she has become incapacitated. Accordingly, physicians may dispute about whether or not a patient's condition falls under any of these valid categories.

Without the required diagnosis, the individual may continue to receive medical treatment that would have been in contrast to the directive if it were to take effect. That is why a lot of people opt to be more specific in the use of words for their living wills.

The pros and cons of living wills should always be taken into account when making one. Remember that you will only be able to improve the draft after you have considered the negative aspects of the situation, as well as the possible ambiguities in the document.

Knowing The Pros And Cons Of Living Wills (part 1 of 2)

A living will, in essence, outlines the type of medical care you wish to include or exclude in the event that you become too ill to actually make an autonomous and informed decision. The directives may consist of your desire not to be given cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of a cardiac or respiratory arrest.

You may even indicate your request not to receive tube feeding. Then again, it would be a good idea to be informed of the pros and cons of living wills prior to actually drafting one.

Pros Of Living Wills

Since living wills are considered to be legal documents, they need to be signed in the attendance of witnesses. Some states in the U.S. even require the presence of a Notary Public during the signing session. The very obvious importance of making a living will lies in the fact that this legally binding piece of document sheds light on what you – as the patient – want to happen in case something bad occurs and you become too unwell to the point of incapacity.

The phrasing in a living will, however, is meant to be rather vague so as to encompass a wide array of circumstances. In spite of this degree of ambiguity, you would be surprised to know how difficult the situation would be if you did not have one. Needless to say, the apparent beneficiary of this legal document is none other than you – the owner/maker.

In the nonexistence of a living will, some states necessitate the appointment of a patient advocate – someone who would essentially perform the decision-making in behalf of the patient. This individual, also known as the surrogate, may be a spouse, a family member, or a significant and trusted person.

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Things you need to know before going into Magazine publishing (part 2 of 2)
2. It’s a girl’s world

Magazine publishing can be dominated by girls especially those who are more into the fashion and beauty stuff. It being a girl’s world can be an advantage as you will be able to relate more with them and share their interests. It can however be different for a guy. So if you are straight and you want to work in magazine publishing, choose the magazines whose subjects are more oriented towards male pursuits like golf, yachting, body building. Men’s magazines will also have more male staffers but they may also have a lot of gay people.

3. Weird hours

People who go into magazine publishing especially the core departments that really work on the magazines until the publication will need to stay for hours in the office just to close pages. This is the unglamorous side of the job. Some would not even go home when the deadline is so near. The hours can be really weird especially when issues are being closed or photo shoots are being done.

4. Social events or boring conference

If you are not much into hobnobbing with the rich and the famous in the field, magazine publishing is not for you. The job does not only entail attending events and conferences and writing about it, you are also expected to socialize with these people and perhaps get them as advertisers or sponsors of the magazine.

People who work on more technical publications on the other hand have to endure a different thing— boring conferences. If listening to studies and experiments is not your thing, do not go into magazine publishing.

Things you need to know before going into Magazine publishing (part 1 of 2)

Like what was mentioned in the Devil Wears Prada, a lot of girls right now will kill for the job that Anne Hathaway got in that movie. Magazine publishing is a pretty big industry with new titles being published every year. In fact, there are magazines that are dedicated in for every subject area imaginable— horses, antiques, coin collection. There is even a magazine for farming.

Unlike what was shown in the movie, magazine publishing is not always about the glamour and the freebies. In fact, when you get into one of those magazine companies, you’ll realize that it is not a tushy job after all. The work can be very hard and the hours horrifying. Some do not even go home for weeks when the closing of one issue is close by. So before you decide to apply in any of those magazines, here are some things that might make you think twice.

1. Dog eat dog world

Competition is tough in a magazine. This is especially true if you plan to go into magazine writing. There are only a few key positions that will be available for people and chances are they will go to those who have better connections within the company and in society. Fact of life is, you need to first BE someone before you get to hold those high positions as magazine editor. Because of this, the culture inside a magazine can be stressful. It can be a dog eat dog world where everyone is out to get anyone that steps in their way towards promotion. Besides with purely girls in the company, there is bound to be a catfight.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Discovering the Wonders of iPhone Technology (part 2 of 2)
Interface based on the user

Mac OS X is a kind of user interface which is primarily featured by Apple. Although, it has been easier for competitors to replicate the idea. Apple has decided not to open developers belonging from a third party. The downfall of those who replicates the idea of having user interface is that it becomes a hassle instead of an advantage because of slow loading and sometimes, it never gets to the loading part at all.

Screen display

This is considered as Apple’s pride – the display. The phone’s display is about 3.5 inches with a 320 x 480 pixels display. The touch screen feature made it impossible for other competitors to beat Apple basing on market value and capability of mobile phones. Upgrading surface display to a high quality optical glass from plastic is one of the major factors why the device has become more scratch-proof. The more reason why people love it compared to other devices.

Release reviews

There are a lot of murmurs regarding the release of the device. Although, this didn’t stop the manufacturer to introduce it to the technological world. It has a retail price of $499 that is tagged for the 4 GB storage and $599 for the 8 GB storage. The contract was signed for AT&T for two years. Compared to other phones that has already been released and made ground breaking moments through the communication world, the price tag was quite reasonable and has proven its worth.

It has become record-breaking that Apple reached its mark and was well-appreciated by advocates all over the globe.

Discovering the Wonders of iPhone Technology (part 1 of 2)

In order to discover the wonders of iPhone technology, one must sink into its different parts and features, although in this edition, there are top 5 iPhone facts that one must be aware of, from the release to the different applications it supports. Some might find it to be an advantage and some, a disadvantage. Either way, good or bad, here are the facts.

Supports video generating websites

Mobile phones were considered as a means of communication in the past times. Text messaging was then the single most important use of a cell phone and was one of the main features of mobile manufacturers. Today, the youth seem to convey the importance of having a mobile phone which can browse and even stream music videos and movies from their source. On the other hand, while some are very well satisfied with the performance of the device in terms of surfing through the net and checking out important e-mails, others are still unconvinced on the matters of its connectivity edge via Wi-Fi because of the precaution that access will not be as smooth as expected.

Supports iTunes

Apple has accomplished this very vital part of human-melodic life. A lot of people purchasing the phone had the sole reason of having one because of the musicality features. Other phone manufacturers have tried putting up a model that will sufficiently feature downloading songs the easy way. There are a lot of struggles done in order to put up with the idea of organizing a multimedia management through phones basing from multimedia order. Technically, iPhone has successfully done its part in managing this kind of predicament and has filled up files with top rating contents of the multimedia field.

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Increasing Brand Recognition For Improved Sales (part 2 of 2)
How To Increase Visibility?

If you've been working on a business startup, then chances are you already know the importance of brand recognition and its role in the success of your business. But the bigger question remains: how do you do it? Traditional marketing efforts for most company involves major expenditures being set aside for increasing media presence such as advertisement, to increase awareness of the product and create a connection between consumers.

Today, there are a lot more avenue for that, in fact more interactive ones. Aside from the traditional media outlets, the internet has opened up several possibilities to enable a business to establish its name and potentially grow. Therefore, companies have also worked on increasing their web presence to expand their market reach.

Studies have shown that most web surfers begin with a search. Therefore, it is best to optimize your web site in such a way that it ranks well in the search engines. In short, you have to make efforts to make your website easily found by potential web researchers. That is why several companies invest in search engine optimization to improve their performance and marketing strategies on the web.

Producing Strong Brands

The impact of brand recognition extends beyond purely marketing but also appeals to the emotion of the consumers. In order to produce a strong brand that has established itself on the industry, you must be able to purge favorable emotions from your customers. It is one thing that largely impacts a consumer's buying decision, so it pays to invest in an effective brand recognition strategy.

The good thing about brand recognition is that it is not limited to giant companies. It also offers substantial benefits for even small-scale businesses. As the the cliché goes, familiarity breeds comfort. And when people have increased familiarity or brand recognition, then they are most likely to feel confident about using your products.

Increasing Brand Recognition For Improved Sales (part 1 of 2)

About Brand Recognition

In any form of marketing strategy, brand recognition is usually the initial focus. Business owners employ varying tactics to increase familiarity on their brand wherein the ultimate aim is to create awareness about the existence of a given product or service. This process will then produce a domino effect and impacts people trust of the product and their decision on whether to purchase it or not.

Brand recognition can be achieved through various means though. Which is a good thing for business owners because this means they do not have to allot large amounts of money in order to get their brand recognized in the market. Awareness is of the essential in all efforts for brand recognition. All other steps needed to be taken after that must be looked at a different aspect, but this one serve its own purpose.

Importance of Brand Recognition

The reason might seem obvious but brand recognition offers multiple benefits for your business. It is capable of impacting other aspects of your business, hence this is a crucial determiner for success. Some experts have claimed that brand recognition is the most important factor that could spell a business' success potential.

However, the main importance of brand recognition is to establish a mental connection between your business and its potential customers. Therefore, when your prospects hear about your company or its name, they will be able to produce a general idea of what products and services your business is offering.

With several similar business available, creating a distinction for your name in a given field of business will encourage more people to do business with you. You also need to consider the psychological aspect of it. Studies have revealed that people tend to go for a name that they know or recognize. So, this is a helpful stat that you need to take advantage of.

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Dress-Making And Fashion (part 2 of 2)
In 1945 up to 1960, the couturiers ruled. Dior introduced the New Look. Balenciaga presented the high-waisted dresses. Givenchy made mix and matched separates. Balmain cornered the market for luxurious clothes, while Chanel invented the braided suit with gold chains and shiny costume jewelry.

In 1964, Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt and shocked the world. Hemlines kept on rising with micro-minis. Hippies took the scene with bell-bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts. Women loved Jackie Kennedy’s signature pillbox hats.

In the 70s, bell-bottoms still ruled. There were additions, however. Polyester, rayon and jersey dresses and shirts became popular. There were now three different skirt lengths to choose from: maxis (ankle-length) midis (mid-calf) and the original minis. Then, there were the hot pants, a shorter version of regular shorts.

The 80s had Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein in the scene. The street urchin look was popularized by Madonna. Leg warmers seen in “Flash Dance” became the rage even for non-dancers.

Shoulder pads made a splashing comeback courtesy of the TV shows “Dallas” and “Dynasty”. Tattooing and body-piercing began. Men and women wanted acid-washed jeans as well as Michael Jackson jackets.

When the 90s came around, retro clothing took off.  It was the decade of supermodels. Whatever Kate or Naomi or Cindy wore, the women wanted them. Princess Diana, not a model, also inspired many with her dresses.

When 2000 rolled in, it was the turn of the music scene “look”. Heavy metal, hip hop, low-rise jeans, spiked hair - these fashion markers were most popular.

Fashion cycles

Fashion trends are like seasons, leaving and returning in cycles. Only that they go away when no one is looking and come back when least expected. There are no formulas, nothing cast in stone as far as fashion is concerned.

For fashionistas, don’t throw out your old clothes. They may look funny now, but you’ll definitely strut in them sometime in the future when they are back in fashion.

On second thought, you can do the strutting right now. Somebody has got to jump-start things.

Dress-Making And Fashion (part 1 of 2)

Will clothes and dress-makers still be around in the future?
Exactly how high should a skirt be?
Is red the ultimate power color of all time?
When will bell-bottomed pants be back?
Why wear clothes?

According to experts, the original purpose of clothing was primarily functional. Garments were used to help protect us from the rain, the sun, the cold wind, and other unwanted elements in the environment.

Later, such cultural aspects as modesty and religious practices were added to the original list of reasons why we wear clothes. Specific rules were then included on how to wear these clothes, how they should look, and the things they signify.

The idea of fashion came in relatively recent as compared to all the other reasons. However, it is just as important as the others. It may take some persuasion for us to accept the fact that such a simple act as dressing up has something significant at all.

Fashion, for all the original shallow connotations we knew of it, actually covers the combined social, artistic and political trends of the times. Fashion, in effect, is the unofficial barometer of the people’s likes and dislikes, mores, and popular ethics.

Some fashion trends, however, defy logic when viewed against today’s perspectives. Sociologists and historians in the future will have their hands full for a long time when they shall be putting things in their proper historical places.

For a quick scan, let us check what happened in fashion in the last 100 years.

A rundown on 20th century fashion

The beginning of the 1900s saw the corset, a 19th century fashion hold-over, slowly abandoned. Women’s skirts still trailed on the floor but the gowns were narrower. Paris became he arbiter of style.

In 1920, fashion entered modern times. Clothes became comfortable because hemlines rose to the knees, perfect for dancing the Charleston.  Knickers and drawers were out and panties were in. Clothes now used zippers, hook-and-eyes, snaps, and buttons for fasteners.

From 1930 to 1945, shoulder pads strangely became the rage. The hemlines, raised a decade earlier, were now lowered. Nylon was used in the making of stockings, although there was a temporary shortage for sometime because of the war.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Body Language From Head To Foot (part 2 of 2)

Touching or rubbing the nose is one of the most common self-touching gestures, which is usually done by people who are lying or trying to hide something. Blowing of the nose is a gesture seen as rude by most countries, but it is considered as healthy in some countries in Asia.

Licking or biting the lips is one of the typical signals of flirting done by women. Kissing is a gesture to show one's affection, and also used as a form of greeting. But there are conservative countries, particularly in Asia, which do not allow public display of affection such as kissing.  And in some cultures like in the Philippines and  Puerto Rico, the lips are used for pointing instead of the finger.

Arms And Hands

There are plenty different hand gestures, and each one has different meanings. The most common hand gestures are hands-in-the-pocket, arms crossed over the chest, hands on the waist, and handshakes. The first one may indicate nervousness or lack of interest. Crossing the arms signifies a defensive posture, and it may also mean doubt or suspicion of what the other person is saying. The hands on the waist may indicate anger or fury, but men also do this to show their masculinity. A handshake, meanwhile, is a form of greeting in most countries.

Legs And Feet

Crossing the legs are done by most people, especially women. Most of the time, it is done as a comfortable position. However, there are countries that regard this action as rude.

The Misuse Of The Ability

The ability of reading someone's body gestures sometimes is not reliable. The gestures performed by a person that are regarded as rude by other people maybe just habits of that person without the intention of being rude.

Body Language From Head To Foot (part 1 of 2)

It is very essential to have the ability to read and understand another person's body language. Listening only to the words the other person is saying is not always enough. His or her body language can always tell if that person is being honest in what she is saying and what she really feels deep inside.

Body language entails the gestures and movements involving the body, from head to foot. Each signal of body language may have different meanings, depending on the situation in which it was delivered.


You can signal yes or no by the movement of the head. Nodding usually means “yes” or “I agree”. But in other countries such as Yugoslavia and Turkey, it sometimes means “no”.

Tilting the head backwards or to the side indicates that the person is thinking deeply or considering a though or idea.

Face (Eyes, Nose, Lips)

Facial expressions are obvious visible signs of how someone truly feels, however there are some people who have practiced to take control of their facial expressions by making them somewhat expressionless or passive.

Even with an inexpressive face, nobody could miss what is being expressed through the eyes. The eyes can speak volumes given any circumstance. Eye contact is a strong indication of focus of attention, interest, attraction, and honesty. You can spot somebody lying to you if he or she cannot hold an eye contact for a period of time. When the eyes would look away, it signifies lack of interest, dishonesty, and boredom.  But there are times when looking away signifies attraction or simply an occurrence of a slight distraction, for as long as the person will look back to the person he is talking to.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Programming CNC Machines With G-Codes (part 2 of 2)


Lets discuss the g-codes further, as what I have said earlier G- codes constitute only a part of the Computer Numerical Control Program, in the whole programming algorithm, they are denoted by the letter G, Basically it is a code telling the machine what kinds of actions to perform in a step by step basis, examples of these actions would be rapid move, controlled feed moves that would bore holes, a work piece cut routed to a specific dimension, change a pallet, and set a tool information such as offset.

After creating each part of the codes, the algorithm is compiled in the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. The CAM software basically use translators called post processors to output the code optimized for a certain machine type. Often times, post-processors are often used to allow users to enable further customization.

G-codes can also be used to create outputs for Computer Aided Design systems used to design printed circuit boards (PCB). Any software must be customized for each type of machine tool that it will be used to program. Some G-codes are written by hand for volume production jobs.

Some Computer Numerical Controlled machines use conversational programming. Conversational programming is an easier way to program CNC machines because it is more “user friendly” because it uses a wizard like program that hides the G-codes into plain view. Some Popular examples of this kind of CNC machines are the Southwestern Industries’ Proto TRAK, Mazak’s Mazatrol, and Mori Seiki’s CAPS conversational software.


With these kinds of further sophistication in programming Computer Numerical Controlled Machines, it is expected in the future that programming would be much easier for its machine operators.

Programming CNC Machines With G-Codes (part 1 of 2)

Ever since the industrial revolution started, the demand to create precise instruments and products is an important factor in large scale manufacturing. Belts, screws, Drills and all movable parts needed to create other products in the assembly line must all be exact and compatible, thus extra care must be taken in order to ensure that all moving parts match perfectly. Computer Numerical Controlled programming has become an extremely important part of this process.

Computer Numerical Controlled Machines are useless without any programming. CNC’s rely on pure hard codes in order to execute commands that the Machine Operator wants to do, therefore not only is it needed to learn the mechanics of the whole Computer Numerical Controlled Machine but it is also at the utmost importance that the Machine operator knows how to communicate with the machine, and that is by using G-codes.

Preparatory code/ functions or much commonly called as G-codes are functions in the Computer Numerical Control programming language. The G-codes job is to manage the position of the tool as well as control the step by step commands during the actual work. Basically the G-codes are the most important part of the Computer Numerical Control Programming algorithm.

There are other codes involved in the programming of CNC’s such as M-codes that manages the machine, T-codes for managing the tools, and F-codes for the tool feed and tool speed controls. All of these codes are created in a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

G codes as well as the others use the RS-274D as the recommended standard for the Computer Numerical Controlled Machines. This standard was developed by the Electronic Industry association during the 1960’s. These standards provide a basis for the creation of Computer Numerical Controlled Programs.

First designs of these standards came from punched paper tapes as the medium standard for data interchange, but now ASCII character bit patterns are the standard for the representation.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Economic Recession: What You Should do to Prevail (part 2 of 2)

2. Plan and organize your life
Planning can save you a lot of money, energy and gas. In fact when you organize your schedule, you will see how you are less stressed out about things. Your activities and errands will flow more smoothly and things will be easier to do. For instance, when buying food it is good to have a list of items that you will be buying. This list of course will depend upon the meal schedule that you have already prepared for the family. That way, you already know how much you will have to purchase. No wastage. No leftovers. This saves time and money.

Another area that planning can have a benefit in is in saving gas. When you have mapped out your activities for the day, you can plan where to go first and then the next. This way, you don't have to go back to the same way you traveled or go on a separate trip just because you forgot to take the clothes to the cleaners or you forgot to go to the grocery store.

3. Take advantage of discounts
Because there isn't much people buying stuff, a lot of stores are constantly devising ways to get customers in. Take advantage of special promos and discounts.

4. Save money
During an economic recession, you won't have any idea what will happen. The best thing you can do is to prepare for any eventualities and hope that you will not suddenly lose your job or suffer from the effects of the recession. To be sure, it is good to save money in the bank. Cut back on expenses that are not important.

That way, you can save enough for the future so that you will have something to use just in case.

Economic Recession: What You Should do to Prevail (part 1 of 2)

Economic recession, when you consult the books, is actually pretty common. Economy like everything else in life is a cycle. There are ups and there are downs. After enjoying fruitful years in the past, this is United State's time under the wheel. Unfortunately, what is different from this year's economic recession is the fact that it is much worse than the recession times of previous years. This is perhaps brought on by companies that are not performing well and the rising rates of foreclosures in the real estate industry.

But like everything else, dealing with economic recession is easier than it seems especially if you do have a steady income that you can rely on. The only secret to dealing with the economic recession is to save up. Here are some of the things that you can do to better deal with economic recession.

1. Don’t waste
Although this should be done whether there is economic recession or not, learning to save whatever you can is a crucial part in surviving these hard times. And what is more, it is so easy to do. You only have to remember to only use and buy things that you feel you can use. You can start with telling your kids to only put food that they can eat on their plates. If they finish them off, then they can get a second helping. You should also tell them that they should clean their plates all the time because food is expensive. This is a great thing to teach your children as this will allow them to learn how to live during tight times.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Home Exchange Is Better Than Time Share (part 2 of 2)

Moreover, swapping homes is commonly practiced by single travelers, couples, and families. If you have a family member with small children, you can negotiate with a family with children of similar age. Retired individuals and employees with flexible schedules can greatly benefit from home trade since they can arrange their trip after finding a suitable home.

However, some people feel uncomfortable letting other people stay in their homes. In times you like these, the best remedy is to get to know your partner well and clear issues right away. You can do this by exchanging e-mail or photographs or chatting on the phone. If you want to reassure yourself, ask for a professional referral.

Moreover, you should also seek clarification on the issue of cleaning expectations since it is one aspect of the exchange that can be subject to misinterpretation. You can send a third party, such as a family friend, to check or conduct an ocular inspection before and after the home trade.

Going on a vacation is almost always the best opportunity for you to relax and take a break from your work or school. However, an expensive vacation can be a source of frustration rather than enjoyment on your part. But this does not have to be the case and you can always find a cheaper remedy.

Finding a place to go on a vacation need not be expensive. If you are tight on your budget, home exchange can give you an opportunity to have a memorable vacation.

Home Exchange Is Better Than Time Share (part 1 of 2)

Going on vacation gives you an opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule. But sometimes looking for a place to stay can serve as a restriction for the place and duration of your stay. Home exchange gives you an option to veer away from the costly holiday villas and homes.
Are you familiar with time shares? Basically, the concept is the same but swapping homes can give you more benefits. To become eligible for house trading, all you need is a property and willingness to trade it with someone else.

When swapping your home with another family, there is no need to search for a similar house or apartment. All you need is to search for a location that suits your needs and caters to your interests. The practice of swapping homes is widely popular in major cities and developed countries such as the United Kingdom.

In addition, if your house is located in a vacation area or a huge tourist destination city, then finding a house that suits your needs can be a breeze. However, even if your house is located in the country, it is also easy to look for potential partners since most people living in the city would like to have a break from their hectic schedule.

People are used to spending their vacation in a hotel room that could eat up a large portion of your holiday budget. This is where you can benefit most from home trade as you can save the money intended for accommodation to spend for sightseeing, sumptuous dinners, engage in different activities, or go to expensive destinations.

In addition, staying in a home can also be an opportunity for cooking your own meals. You can also bring along your pet as most homes allow exchange of pets. You can save up on renting a car as well since swapping cars can also be negotiated.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Benefits of Fish Oil (part 2 of 2)

• Reduce the risk of hear attack.  Even if the DHA and EPA are fatty acids, they can reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.  It helps in preventing blood clots in the heart.  So aside from heart attacks, fish oil is also important in reducing risks of coronary heart disease.

• Reduce the risk of cancer.  Researches have showed that fish oil can help in reducing risks of developing breast, prostate and colon cancer.  They stop the growth of cancerous cells and inhibit its growth.  For postmenopausal women, those who consume more Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and mackerel or fish oil supplements are less likely to develop breast cancer.

• Reduce the effects or helping patients deal with lupus, arthritis, colitis and asthma.  Its natural anti-inflammatory capabilities can reduce pain brought by inflammatory arthritis and gastritis.

• Help a lot during pregnancy.  Not only does Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil help in he fetal brain development, it can also reduce the risk of giving early or premature birth, post-partum depression for mothers, allergic reactions among babies an low- birth weight. Not only does it helps in pregnancy, there are preliminary researches showing fish oil to aid in getting pregnant or fertility.

• Help improve the body overall.  Fish oil can help in producing serotonin, the happy hormones.  Happiness can help a lot of people deal with stress and other emotional issues which can totally improve a person’s emotional and mental disposition.  They can also revitalize and rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles, weight loss and improve eyesight.  It is even said that fish oil can reduce acne and make your hair a lot better.  

Fish oil is very important in building a better you.  But doctors and experts suggest in taking pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements.  The problem with eating too much fish can actually lead to mercury contamination.

So, ask yourself, are you getting enough fish oil in your body?  If not, then it is time to start making sure that you do.

Benefits of Fish Oil (part 1 of 2)

Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel have fats that can produce fish oil.  Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are recommended by health-care professionals to be included in a individual’s diet. Omega-3 acids are mainly docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA.

Omega- fatty acids are essential in cell building.  It is important to get them from our diet since the body cannot produce this kind of acid.  Research showed that Omega- 3 plays a significant role in brain and fetal development during pregnancy and infancy. Fish oil are believed and proven to provide numerous health benefits.  Aside from this, there are also a lot of advantages by taking fish oil supplements.

Fish oil can:

• Improve brain development and memory.  There are studies showing that DHA actually plays a major role in brain functions.  Low levels of DHA can increase the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.   Intake f fish oil during pregnancy is also recommended.  According to a research conducted by the University of Western Australia showed that pregnant women who ingest fish oil supplement actually give birth to babies with better hand and eye coordination, better in speech and better cognitive development at the age of two and a half.

Aside from Alzheimer’s disease, fish oil can also help in reducing the risk of other mental illnesses like depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among children, dyspraxia, bipolar disorder and dyslexia.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

An Acting Career Should Have a Resume and a Headshot (part 2 of 2)

You should bring at least 5 copies of your resume and head shots every time you go to the audition because you may never know who else will want one.

Now it is time for the things you must never do.

The most important is never lie about your experience. Just like applying for a job, the casting directors will get someone to do a background check about your credentials so it is only a matter of time before they find out the truth.

The same goes for special skills which you claim that you have but actually don’t. People won’t be able to do a background check here but they will find out when you are told to do something and suck at it.

When you submit a resume, make sure that this is printed on a sheet of paper that measures more than 8 ½ x 11.  Again, this is because of the size of the head shot. If you insist doing that, chances are your resume will be thrown away.

Since you are not the only actor applying for a part, don’t waste the time of the casting director by giving them a resume that is more than one page. If you have a lot to say, put the most relevant using a 10 point font. If they want more information and this won’t fit in your resume, mention it later on during the interview.

A resume is a piece of paper with a list of your accomplishments. You must never staple reviews or clipping from newspapers.

An acting career should always have a resume and a headshot. Write a few drafts and take some photos then just use the best.

An Acting Career Should Have a Resume and a Headshot (part 1 of 2)

Preparing for an audition also includes having a resume and a few headshot pictures. This is because aside from performing your monologue or reading from a script, cast directors want to know how you look on camera or on stage as well as your previous work experiences. To help you, here a few do’s and don’ts in doing both.

When you submit a resume, make sure that this is stapled to the back of your headshot. If the resume is much larger than the picture, trim it a bit so they appear to be the same size.

For those who don’t know what a head shot is, it is picture of your entire face. It must be very artistic and is intended to put you in the best possible light. This is usually printed on an 8 by 10 inch format. Your name should be placed on the print or just below it.

As for your resume, just tell the truth of your previous accomplishments. Make sure that your contact details are up to date so it will be easy for the casting director or a representative to easily get in touch with you for a call back.

Creating a resume is easy. If you are going to an audition, make sure that it will focus on the part you are trying to get. For instance, if you want a part in a Broadway event, make sure you list down your previous experiences in the theater. If this is for a movie, tell them what you did even if you played a supporting role or as an extra. Should this be for a commercial, mention what your roles was as well.

A Look Back at how Vanessa Hudgens Started in her Acting Career (part 2 of 2)

For the two equally successful “High School Musical” TV movie, Hudgens played the role of Gabriella Montez. She played the love interest of real-life boyfriend, Zac Efron. Their roles had given them the “Best Chemistry” award given by Teen Choice Awards. The first movie also had a hit soundtrack and it brought the group on a concert tour worldwide. A book series was also made out of it.

With all the success she has garnered, Hudgens became the number seven on Forbes magazine’s top earning list of stars who are under 21. She was 18 years old at the time. She has an estimated $2 million of earnings. “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” is set to be released on October 24, 2008.

This talented gal was ranked 62nd of the Most Sexiest Woman on FHM just this year. She was also at number 12 at Maxim’s 100 Hot List. And she was also part of People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

Life on the Spotlight He career was marked with controversy when provocative pictures of Hudgens proliferated the Internet on September 6, 2007. The photos were passed on through emails, mobile phones and other devices. There were rumors then that she would be pulled out from the High School Musical franchise because she was no longer fit to be called a model for the youth.

But everything was settled. And Hudgens apologized to the fans and her family. After that, all is well again for this young superstar. Just looking back on how did Vanessa Hudgens get started in her acting career will inspire young minds about this craft if they are planning on joining the bandwagon.


A Look Back at how Vanessa Hudgens Started in her Acting Career (part 1 of 2)

How did Vanessa Hudgens get started in her acting career? This girl was born Vanessa Anne Hudgens on December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California. Her looks can be attributed to her parents’ descents. Her dad, Greg Hudgens is an American with the Native American and Irish background. Her mother, Gina, is a Filipino who grew up in Manila with traces of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish blood.

 Career Path Vanessa was inclined on the performing arts since she was a child. After she finished seventh-grade at the Orange County High School of the Arts, Vanessa opted for a home school setup.

When she was eight years old, she began joining musical plays. She was included on the main and supporting casts of plays such as "The Wizard of Oz," "The Music Man," "Damn Yankees," "Evita," "Carousel," The King and I," and "The Music Man.” Everything happened by chance for little Vanessa. Her first gig was a commercial. But it was purely accidental why she landed the part. She went on the audition just because her friend, who was supposed to go there, got sick and asked her to come instead.

In 2003, she debuted in the feature film "Thirteen." This stars Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter. Vanessa also starred in "Thunderbirds," an action-adventure film. But Hudgens hit it big after playing the part of Gabriella in High School Musical, a TV movie made by the Disney Channel that was first released in 2006. That same year, she was able to release her debut album entitled “V.” In July of 2008, her second album entitled “Identified” was released.

After she started on movies, she also played bit roles for television. She guest starred for TV shows such as “The Bothers Garcia,” “Still Standing,” “Quintuplets,” “Drake and Josh” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.