Monday, November 23, 2015

Landscape Architects (part 2 of 2)

Landscape architects can either work for private firms or self employed. 19% of the landscape architects are self employed. Others would work for many types of organizations. For example they may work for a real estate developing firm or they may work for municipalities to construct an airport.

They require creating a detailed plan and design that includes vegetation, new topography, walkways and other features like fountains, flowering beds and so on. They design college, shopping centers, homes, parks, playgrounds, golf grounds and so on so that they look not only beautiful but also compatible with the environment.

Landscape architects analyze the natural system in the surroundings and then consider the design for the given project. The natural elements like climate, soil, drainage, vegetation, sunlight etc would be considered initially by them so that they can accomplish the dream of the clients. Their plans need to have the ability of acquiring changes and they must be technically feasible.

Since they require making changes in the design before starting the project, most of the landscape architects use video simulation. They also use Computer aided design in order to make innovative designs and plans. Therefore the landscape architects need to have technical knowledge also. In order to prepare design plans for large scale projects, they use geographic information systems technology which is a computer mapping system.

The landscape architects need to spend most of their working time in office creating designs, preparing models, researching some innovative ideas and so on. They work in the site for the rest of their time. They need to visit the site now and then in order to analyze and verify the work.

They also need to meet the clients and understand their requirements clearly. Hence landscape architects need to have excellent communication skill. Most of them get excellent compensation for their services.

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