Monday, November 23, 2015

Landscape Architects (part 1 of 2)

Are involved in planning and designing of landscapes. Landscape architecture was not recognized as a distinct profession until the early 20th century. However it is recognized as a unique profession in most of the developed nations. The landscape architectures need to complete the bachelor degree in landscape architecture and register themselves with the Board of Landscape architecture in their respective state.

Landscape architectures develop innovative design plans for different work setting like hospitals, colleges, parks, public places, and recreations, commercial and residential properties. They promote methods and techniques to safeguard the surroundings and they involve in creating environmental awareness among people. Their services include restoration, renovation, maintenance and management of historical or cultural landscapes.

Landscape architects provide design planning for improving the landscapes. They provide plans that combine both functionality and beauty. They grant services in several areas like rural, urban and suburban areas. They provide services for the infrastructure and maintenance of Government projects like roads, dams and so on.

The work of landscape architect includes inspecting the sites and helps the clients select the flora and fauna that can grow well in their land after analyzing the climate, soil, terrain and region. They also help in maintaining lawn area in the client’s property. They also suggest suitable methods of irrigation system for the client. They recommend ways to preserve natural resources and help in planning and designing environmentally sustainable landscapes. They also provide draught tolerant landscape design to the client.

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